Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others.

学校: Emory University 

分类:PS:Show How You’ve Grown Through Experience

Good things happen to those who wait.


When my sister and I took baths together at ages four and six, we needed toys. We had the dream collection of wind up boats and rubber ducks, but only one waterproof Barbie doll with color changing hair. Controversy was inevitable. We took turns as Barbie’s loyal caregiver, but unfortunately the story never ended simply. My aggressive sister would prove her dominance and steal Barbie. To win her back, I would patiently count three Mississippis before swiftly flailing my limbs in the tub. No parent is willing to discipline a child who has the splashing power of a Super Soaker 2000, so Barbie was returned to her rightful owner. As for my sister? She lost her Barbie privileges for the remainder of the bath. Good things happen to those who wait.

姐姐和我在分别六岁和四岁的时候一起洗澡时常常需要玩具。我们的玩具收藏有帆船和橡皮鸭,却只有一个有着会变色头发的防水芭比娃娃。争吵因此难以避免。我们约定轮流充当芭比的守护者,但是,故事不会轻易结束。我好胜的姐姐为了证明自己的统治地位,偷走我的芭比。为了赢回她,我会耐心地数三秒,然后在浴盆里迅速地舞动四肢。没有父母愿意管教一个拥有超级水枪2000泼水能力的孩子,所以芭比被物归原主。至于我姐姐呢? 她在洗澡的剩余时间里失去了照顾芭比的权利。好事发生在愿意等待的人身上。

My knack for patience continued. At high school orientation, Ms. Ainsworth described the people who make things happen, watch what happens, and wonder what happened. She urged us to make things happen, but like my peers, I condescendingly rolled my eyes and continued to text. I was already too busy watching my life happen to listen. I relied on others for my identity. I looked like my friends, acted like my friends, and tried to fill myself with empty self-importance. I waited to note their fashion trends, outside interests, and catch-phrases before mirroring them. I was not alone: we all wanted to be the same…or rather needed to. It was a complex net of fragile insecurities that somehow never unraveled. With this carefully edited group, individuality was an impossibility. As I developed my own interests, I attempted to cover anything that made me different. These friendships indirectly created a division between who I was and who I wanted to be. My days were loaded with gossip, hostility, and tears when I craved encouragement, kindness, and happiness. But why change my life so dramatically when it meant risking my “perfect” persona?  I did nothing because good things always seemed to happen to those who waited.


At the start of junior year, some switch flipped. I no longer wanted to patiently wait and watch my life happen. I wanted to be myself rather than the flawless reflection of these habitual friendships. I realized that I needed to fracture all my relationships and, thus, my identity. Shockingly, high school does not react well to drastic social change. Nevertheless, I found the courage to dump my status-conscious boyfriend. Over the next several weeks, I distanced myself from my friends.

My attendance declined at social gatherings (which evolved from Disney movie nights to “wine & mac & cheese” nights). I skipped the annual Halloween party and ignored them at lunch to do homework. After a semester of awkward encounters, I pulled the plug on a whim and left the group text. I felt scared, anxious, nervous, and uncomfortable; countless tears nearly blurred the happiness I gained from my freedom. I had no close friends for support, so I indulged in the unique passions of which I was once embarrassed. I got to know the people alongside me in clubs and activities more deeply and — without my old mask — discovered the value of authenticity. My friend group shifted from a predictable clique to a vibrant collection of individuals. My new friends and I didn’t all dress alike or participate in all the same activities, but that was okay.


They accepted me for me, and I did too. Good things must not happen only to those who wait.


I noted the difference between patience and effort. I stopped watching things happen and started making things happen. Unlike my passive strategy with Barbie, I learned to actively fight for myself. I worked hard to be me and saw an overwhelmingly fulfilling result. So, maybe good things happen to those who wait…but great things happen to those who work.



More often than not, students feel pressure to come up with the most unique and original essay topic to show admission officers they are different and special. However, the best essays always have the same topic, the student. In reading this specific application, we know this student is an excellent athlete, she has committed herself to a philanthropic cause, and her teachers hold her in high regard. The essay is her opportunity to tell us a little bit more about herself, not how she spends her time but rather how she approaches her life.


I think my favorite part about this essay is that it feels so high school. Which is perfect because this student is in high school. There is an honesty here that avoids cliché but also captures the moments of high school. The eyes roll, there’s pressure to fit in, insecurities and around every corner and gossip abound. While I don’t miss these days, I certainly remember them. These are normal high school struggles and, in some ways, make this student seem, well, ordinary. However she is on a journey of self-discovery, recognizing what she values in her friendships, and what she does not. While so much of her essay describes her traditional high school experience, the essay mirrors her life and takes a turn for the unexpected. She is taking an active role in her life and while it is a challenge at first, she offers a fresh perspective. Her “great things happen to those who work” left the admission committee contemplating our own lives a bit and is advice that resonates.



初读全文,就题材而言给人感觉没有太多的新颖之处,是一篇传统的描述成长过程经历的文书 。全文开篇第一句话“Good things happen to those who wait” 描述了该学生的初始对待事物的观念:好事是留給懂得等待的人,这一观念所传达的是“被动状态。最后一句,“maybe good things happen to those who wait…but great things happen to those who work.”所传达的是“主动”状态。没有太多新颖的感觉。第二遍,逐步意识到这不是一篇单纯的描述成长过程的文书,而是一篇有关作者发现真我,自我认知的心路历程。该文书给我带来多层次的感受。









她是一个习惯于在舒适区(comfort zone)生活,害怕恐惧改变,被动的学生,变成一个用于面对恐惧,跳出舒适区并主动做出努力改变的学生。习惯,无论好坏,我们每一个人都有,它是一把双刃剑。但是,如何能分辨出深层次对于好习惯与坏习惯的判断? 舒适区,或许不同的人都拥有者一定的舒适区,但是愿意跳出舒适区的思想和勇气是值得肯定和赞扬的。
本文或许还传达出一种【自我认知】以及【本我 自我】转变的意识表现。孩童时期,展现出的是【本我】。高中时期形成了自己的意识和构建了自己的人格,属于【自我】首先,对于高中生的作者,能够实现自我认知以及实现自我是非常优秀的,并且传达出作者的探索和发现精神。其次,作者能够积极的做出改变,这点很关键也是非常难能可贵的。







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